Learn a New Language Podcast

Meet the Language Guy® and Begin Your Journey to Fluency in the Language of Your Dreams

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The 10 Commandments of Automatic Fluency

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10 Commandments of Automatic Fluency - Commandments 1 and 2

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How to Make Sure You Remember the Language You’re Learning

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The Art of Learning Languages Everywhere You Go

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Take the Fluency Jet and Learn High Frequency Language First

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Repeat Out Loud and Improve Your Language Memory and Accent

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You Become Fluent by Practicing Every Day

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Increase Fluency with Friends and Programming!

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Mark’s 5 Steps to Automatic Fluency Formula

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How to Improve Your Language Memory and Your Accent

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How to Win the Language Game

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Take the "Chance" Out of Fluency by Using Mark’s Automatic Fluency Programs Every Chance You Get

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Make Becoming Multilingual Easier by Learning 2 Languages at the Same Time Within the Same Language Family

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What’s the Simplest Way to Learn a Language Fluently?

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